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#TalktoSteph: He insults me!

Hello everyone! Let’s help Suze solve this issue…

Dear Stephanie,

I need your advice. I am engaged and to be married to my fiancé this December. It is a dream come true except that he is verbally abusive. When he is angry (and it takes very little to get him angry), he begins to insult me and says terrible things about me. Later on, he will apologise but the words never go away. It worries me that he says such hurtful things. He will call me “ugly” “good for nothing” “stupid, foolish” calls me a “harlot” and even “bad luck”.

I have spoken to my mother and she says he will change. I am fearful of building a life with a man who finds it easy to open his mouth and curse me.

I have tried to talk to him; he apologises but the next minute when he is upset he will start all over again.

I am getting resentful.

What should I do?

–        Suze

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