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Talk to Steph!

Hello Dearies!

Life is a roller-coaster, isn’t it? Sometimes you just want someone to hold your hand and listen to what you have to say. Challenges abound, and even though we may not have all the answers to all we are confronted with daily, we can build avenues where our fears, challenges and worries can be addressed.

You have that platform here. So share your issues and let’s see how others can help.

Emeka shares his problem…


My Boss hates me!

Dear Stephanie,

I am being verbally abused by my boss, and I am just tired of it! I am a 37 year old man happily married with two kids. But lately I have been losing my temper quickly and I suspect it is my own way of handling the situation in the office. Last time I shouted at my wife for no concrete reason, and she said I have changed. I do not want to ruin the peace in my house and I do not want to lose my job. How do I deal with the situation? – Emeka


How do you think Emeka should approach this matter with his boss?


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