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Talk To Steph: The Broke Guy or The Rich Man?

I’m 25 years-old and I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for a year now. He is not rich and doesn’t have a job but he is a website and Graphic designer and is still searching for jobs. I have been taking care of him and he stays with me but my parents don’t know he stays with me. He is God-fearing, loving and very humble but my parents do not like him because he doesn’t have money and because of his tribe too.
I met a 42 year-old married man with two kids and he is very wealthy and likes me. He wants to help me in life financially on condition that I go out with him(sex). His wife is in the UK and only visits four times in a year says the man. I told my parents about it because I was confused on what to do. But my parents want me to agree to the man.
I love my guy and he loves me too but friends keep saying my guy will leave me if he gets money or starts earning.
Please help me here. Should I listen to my parents and cheat on my guy by going out with a married man because of money? Or should I still stick to my guy and let this man go? What if my guy does leave when he starts earning and I never get another helper like this man? Or will my guy stay and will my parents like him if he gets money? I’m so confused now… Please I need advice.
Thank you.
This message was sent in by Mariam. She sounds really confused and I can understand her dilemma.
I’d say this to you dear, in no way is it right to have any kind of affair with a married man. Run away from this man as fast as you can and make sure you have nothing to do with him.
Regarding your boyfriend, things could really get much better for him financially. Yes, some men have been known to leave their partners after getting some wealth, but that does not mean all men do so. You need to understand your boyfriend properly, and know the kind of person he is. Perhaps, he has some traits that makes you think he would do this to you. If there are any of such traits, you need to address them now and make a decision about your future so you don’t get badly burned.
I hope this helps and I sincerely wish you the very best.
SL Fabz, do you have any advice for Mariam? Drop it in the comments box.

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