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Talk To Steph: Should I Move In With My Boyfriend?

Hello Stephanie,

I have been dating my boyfriend for six months. It has not been easy, we have had a lot of arguments and have broken up a few times. He thinks the solution to the problem we are having is if I move in with him so we can know how to live together. He says he needs to feel the presence of a woman in his house before he can propose or take me seriously.

My problem is: my father will kill me if I do that. I told my boyfriend this but he says that if I am serious about the relationship and want to get married, I have to focus on him and not on what anybody else says. I love my boyfriend and my greatest wish is to get married soon, but my family are against it and I know that if I continue to delay, I might lose my relationship. I am 25 and I don’t have that much time to be jumping in and out of love.

What should I do? Should I move in and later explain everything to my family?

– Ijeoma


Hello, dearies! What do you advise Ijeoma to do?

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