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Talk To Steph: Should I Date My Boss?

I recently started working at this company after being out of job for almost a year. I love everything about my job except for one thing – my boss wants me to date him.

I don’t really like him as a person and he is not married. Also, I think he is a womanizer. He has been pestering me for a relationship from the first day I set my foot in this office. It even started right from the interview!

Although he is not the owner of the company, he is the branch manager and can make any decisions such as firing me.

Should I pretend that I like him too and start a relationship with him to keep my job? Or should I refuse him and stand the risk of losing my job?

I’m very confused. I don’t want to be broke again. Please help!

Dear Miss S,

I totally understand your dilemma and it’s very sad that you got caught up in this kind of situation. You don’t want to date your boss, and also, you don’t want to loose your job. It’s a very difficult web for any lady.

I will advise that you stand your ground and don’t do anything you know is not right. Also, pray about the situation and tell God to turn things around in your favour. You’d be surprised at how things will turn out. Your boss could just get transferred or even if you lose your job, you will get a better one! Try not to do anything you will later regret.

Stay strong.

SL Fabz, join in and give Miss S. some good advice in the comments section.

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