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Talk To Steph: My Stepfather Always Threatens To Send Me Packing Whenever He Quarrels With My Mum

Hello Stephanie,
My name is Margaret, I am a student who lives with her mother and her husband. She remarried after the death of my father three years ago. I am the only child that the marriage produced. My mom and I live with my stepfather but I do not find comfort in my new home at all. He is very mean to me. They quarrel a lot. And when my mum and stepfather quarrel, instead of my stepfather to face the issue on ground, he would threaten my mum that he would soon send me out of his house. His statement bothers me a lot, and i know my mother is too emotionally weak to do anything about if it happens. I am 16 years old. I don’t have any close relative i can stay with. What can I do? – Margaret.

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