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Talk To Steph: My Relationship Is In A Mess

I received this heart breaking email from a fan, let’s call her Miss R. The subject of the email read: My relationship is in a mess, I’m loosing him. Naturally, I was curious and when I opened the email, it read:

Hello Steph,

I’m glad you have a medium like this where one can express his or her mind.  I’m having issues with my fiance. We’ve been dating for a year and eight months now. But I keep seeing him with different ladies and different pictures. Now I am scared because I saw a picture on his phone which had a lady lying down on his bed with a ring on her 3rd finger. And he told me not to come to his house anymore but if I ask why, he says he just doesn’t want me to come. I asked him if he wants out of the relationship but he said no. I’m confused right now. I heard some gossip that he is getting married soon. And he doesn’t want to opt out of the relationship.

What do I do? Please I need a quick response. I couldn’t sleep all night. Thanks.

It’s a very dicey situation and with matters of the heart, it is not always easy to give advice. But what I would say is this – Trust is the basis of every successful relationship and it seems it is lacking in yours. If you can’t trust the man you claim to be in a relationship with, its going to be a very difficult one. Also, the fact that he’s stopped you from coming to his house raises a big red flag. He doesn’t want to share his personal space with you and there are chances he wouldn’t want to share much more with you such as his heart and his loyalty. So I suggest that you have a frank talk with him, tell him how you feel and make an important decision in your best interest.

I wish you the very best and hope you find peace.

All my love,


*Do you have any advice for Miss R? Please share.

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