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TALK TO STEPH: My Husband Wants Me To Quit My Job

Justina sent this in. What do you advise?

Hear her:

Hello Stephanie,
I work in the Health sector. As a result of the tight schedule of my husband and I, we decided to pay for care
givers for our four and two year olds. My marriage has been blissful until I told my husband about the promotion I

got from my work place. This promotion means so much to me because it is a reward for my
efforts all these years; but at the same time, it is tearing my home apart. My husband said that I need to spend more time taking care of the family. That it is either I quit my job to take care of the family or I quit my marriage and take care of my job. I don’t think that is fair. This is my dream, and he has refused to understand. What steps should I take to solving this issue? Please I need your advise. – Justina

Let’s help Justina. Leave your comments below, she’ll read them.


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