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Talk To Steph : MY HOME IS ON FIRE!!!!


Dear Steph,

          I was in the US for five years getting my degree, I just moved back to the country about seven months ago and got married to my long term boyfriend two months ago. On getting  back from our honeymoon, my mother in law brought a woman to live in our boys quarters, she claimed she is her niece and needed a place to stay with her two kids aged four and a baby that is six months old. She is young, even way younger than I am, I felt bad for her and let her stay, I even took her as my sister. At first it was good and things were moving smoothly until suddenly the girl started becoming unnecessarily rude. She’d just barge into private moments with my husband demanding his attention; she started moving her things from the boys quarters to the main house without my approval. Whenever I complain about her rudeness, my husband will plead on her behalf and calm me down. I noticed my husband would steal away from the bed for hours in the middle of the night. When I ask where he was, he’d kiss me and just give me an excuse. I was becoming suspicious but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe my husband could be cheating so early in our marriage. I pushed aside those doubts and went after my husband when he left our bed one night. I followed him to the boys quarters and waited, I went in only to find my husband on top of his so called cousin giving her confirm akpako and instead of a remorse girl, I saw a girl ranting and shouting that I stole her man because I be Americana, she said my husband is the father of her children and that she is not going anywhere, my husband has been pleading with me but I can’t even look at him.
I don’t know what to do, I feel like it’s my fault for neglecting him for five years, this man has been with me through thick and thin, he helped me through school, what should I do?


Hey dearies, please give your advice on this issue.

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