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Talk To Steph: My Dad Won’t Let Me Marry A Christian

A StephanieDaily reader, Zainab, sent in this touching email.

I’m a 27 year old girl. I work in an Advertising Agency which doesn’t pay much but with time it will grow. My issue is that ever since my Dad has made it mandatory for all of us to marry Muslim guys, I haven’t met any Muslim guy that I can take home. I just don’t understand why parents are this stubborn. Most of my friends are married with children and I’m still here trying to find a good relationship. Even my ugly friends are married with children. I have prayed and prayed and I am loosing faith. I went as far as asking friends to please introduce me to their husband’s Muslim friends but nothing came out of it. I now ask myself if there is something wrong some where. Please how do I go about this. My Dad would rather die than let me marry a Christian. Please I really need your advice. I’m getting tired. Thanks.

Dear Zainab, first of all, let me give you a big e-hug. I’m very sure you are a pretty and smart young lady and I’d like to remind you to have some confidence in yourself. Don’t think something is wrong with you if your friends get married before you. You are perfectly OK and in due time, you will find true love and marry the love of your life. We all don’t have the same timing in life. Perhaps God is preparing you, and him too, for the time you will eventually meet.

You didn’t mention in your mail that you were in love with, or dating a Christian. It just seems to me from the tone of your message that there are more Christian guys around you or asking to date you than Muslims. I know this can be really frustrating considering your father’s warning. But most importantly, you have to ask yourself what YOU want because eventually, it would be you getting married and not your father. Of course, your father’s wish is very important, but let God and your heart lead you to the best man for you.

I wish you the very best!


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