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Talk To Steph – LET GO THAT EGO!

Dear Steph,

 MY HUSBAND’S EGO IS RUINING OUR RELATIONSHIP. I met my husband at my office where we both work, when we started dating, it was supposed to be just a fling, so we kept it from friends and family, but it blossomed and we fell in love. When we decided to get married, we both agreed I will leave the company because it’s against the company’s policy for a married couple to work under the same company. Just a few weeks to our wedding, I got a promotion and my salary became double of my husband’s in the process. Now the company has given one of us 2 months to resign and my husband insists I do so because of our agreement. I know we agreed but we could use the money. I don’t want to resign so I asked my husband to resign instead, he has been treating me like venom ever since, we just got married, yet it is so sour already, how do I handle this situation?

Let’s jump in with some good advice SL Fabz

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