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Talk To Steph: If I have N5million in my account, how much should I spend on my wedding?

Hello Stephanie, my name is Clement. I want to get real advice from your fans; from those who understand hard work and the importance of saving.

I am a business man, still struggling to make good money and good profit in my business. I sell plastic chairs and plastic souvenirs for parties. The profit is not too much. But I believe in keeping the faith and growing the business.

Stephanie, I will not lie to you. My whole account is just N5million. My wedding is coming soon. My fiancée has been bragging about big wedding to her family and friends, and this people… instead of them to advice her to slow down, they are cheering her on.

The problem now: my fiancée is saying I should use N3million of my money for the wedding. I was hoping for just a court wedding and then later in life we can do all the noisemaking after my business is really big. But she doesn’t want to hear it.

She says if I love her, I will spend the money on a big wedding.

I don’t want an expensive wedding. I cannot spend N3m out of N5m saving for a wedding. I am looking for a court wedding and entertainment that will not be more than N500,000.

The wedding is holding in November.

Please advice me.

*Hello all, please send your advice for Clement so he gets to weigh his options regarding what to spend properly. Thanks

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