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Talk To Steph: I don’t want to change my name

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Q: My fiancé has become adamant about me taking his last name after we’re married. I can’t believe this is even a conversation in 2014. Don’t all modern married women keep their names? I don’t want to change my name, so what do I do?” –G.D.

If you actually want to be like the majority of modern women, that would mean that you change your last name to his. Recently, wedding juggernaut the Knot surveyed 19,000 married women about their surnames and found that just 8 percent elected to keep their names.

If you want him to consider backing down again, you’re going to need to come up with a better reason than “Everyone else is doing it, so I should, too.” Make it logical. What are the “professional reasons” you mention for keeping your name, and how will your bottom line be affected if you take on his name?

SL Fabz, what do you think? What is your take on this situation?


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