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Talk To Steph: I don’t trust her

A male reader, let’s call him Mr S, wants some advice on this situation.

I have been in a relationship for about 3 years now, yet I just don’t understand why my girl can’t keep to me. She makes me feel I don’t trust her when I cautioned her about undue attention she gives to her colleague. She calls and receives calls from him anytime including midnight, quite early in the morning and they chat all day via text messages. My phone is open for her to gain access but she locks hers with secret PINs. I discovered she has a third phone just some few days back and I do not have the mobile number of that phone. I’m really eager to marry but I’m so confused because I just can’t leave her and I love her so much. Please what do I do?

SL Fabz, please give him some good advice in dealing with this situation.


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