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Talk To Steph: “I am seriously hurt”

Thanks Steph for your intelligence in solving emotional problems. I am in deep pains. I just wedded 6 months back. One month to my wedding, my husband was duped and lost every dime he had. By the grace of God and my family’s assistance, we were able to conclude the marriage. He was living in the family house and after the problem, he had no money to relocate to another house for us to live. Currently, I am seriously hurt as my mother-in-law and brother-in-law accuse me of being the reason for his misfortune, that I’ve diverted his whole attention to me and made him a woman wrapper. They use abusive words on me despite all my efforts to carry on with responsibilities he was shouldering. I receive lots of humiliation from my in-laws and torture.

Aunty Steph, please do you think it is wise for us to raise money anyhow and pack out or should I hold on to see if they will still realize their fault and stop their ugly acts on me. My husband is a very nice man but the mother and brother are seeing me as evil. I am dying in pains. Aunty Steph, please what do I do?

I received the above emotional email from a lady who is in a lot of pain about the situation in her marriage. She is newly wedded and passing through a difficult time. Having pressures from in-laws is not a comfortable situation for anyone. My most important word of advice to you dear is to PRAY. Pray, pray and then pray some more. God sees everything and has the solutions to your problems.

Secondly, living with in-laws especially for a newly wedded couple is not really advisable. You and your husband need space to bond together as husband and wife and make decisions for yourselves. I understand that it’s difficult with the financial constraints and I pray that God will make a way for you soon in that regard.

Stay strong and look on to God.


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