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Talk To Steph: Help, My Mother-In-Law Is Ruining My Marriage!

Mother In Law Issues

This mail was sent in by a StephanieDaily reader. Let’s give some good advice to help her out of this difficult situation.

Before I got married, I have heard stories of married women having issues and fights with their mother-in-laws but I always thought mine would be different. While my husband and I were dating, she was always very nice to me and didn’t give me any reason to think we would have any issues.

But things changed a few months after my marriage. As soon as she noticed I was pregnant, she started imposing things on me. She said I must go to her church, eat the kind of food she wants me to eat, dress in a certain way and more. To make things worse, she lives just a stone throw from our house and spent many nights in my house under the pretence that she was taking care of me (as if I was sick) or that her house was too boring.

When I put to bed, she finally moved in to our house and hasn’t moved out ever since (it’s almost two years now). Before you start to think I’m being ungrateful about her concern, let me tell you a few annoying things she does. She eavesdrops on conversations I have with my husband (I’ve caught her more than a few times); she tells me often that I can’t cook in front of my husband (he doesn’t have a problem with my cooking) and even removed a plate of food I once gave to him saying it was bad for his health. When I was searching for a school for my son, she gave my husband multiple reasons why he shouldn’t choose any of the schools I liked until we eventually enrolled him in a school of her choice.

My husband dotes on her and tells me to be patient because his Dad is late, but her presence in my home is getting more and more annoying. I am not free to do things my way anymore, I am losing my self esteem and a big rift has been formed between me and my husband because of her presence. But she sees nothing wrong with this and is not prepared to leave my home.

I need your advice. What can I do?

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