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Talk To Steph – Everlasting Postponement


Hafsat wrote:

My name is Hafsat, I am 29 years old. I don’t even know how to start my story. I met this man 2 years back, he proposed to marry me and I agreed; we did the introduction and fixed a wedding date for Nov last year few weeks to the date, he came up with an excuse of not having sufficient money to get married in Nov we postponed to the tail end of Dec . He came up with the same excuse, we shifted ground till Feb all the while I kept telling him  that it’s not all about money we have done virtually all the necessary things we can go ahead and finalize , he said no. We fixed another date in March then to April again just one week to the day he called to say he needed 3 more weeks to get ready, he keeps postponing, pls advise me, what should I do?

TGIF SL Fabz, what do you have to say to Hafsat?



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