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Talk To Steph : BB Love?


Ann wrote:

I met a guy through a friend, no he actually saw my pics on a friend’s dp and he liked me, he collected my pin and we started chatting cos he stays far away in Abuja while I stay in Lagos. We chatted for a month on bbm and I told him we need to see cos we’ve dated for a month via phone…all this while on phone we talked about the future together and all and he seems so eager and ready. He finally came to Lagos so that we can meet after like a month and 2 weeks, he has since been around its been fun all the way and we actually clicked and bonded but recently after like a month of his stay I sensed he slowed down and when I asked why, he said our meeting is now a reality and that back then that we have not met things were different. He says nothing has changed the future together and all that we discussed when we have not met…but we need to take it slowly… I’m confused! Why the slowdown? Note: its now almost 3 months that we met on bbm. Please advice me.

SL Fabz, jump in and advice Ann




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