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Talk To Steph – A Bruised Male Ego

Dear Steph,

Men too go through a lot and I am writing on behalf of a friend..

Indeed, its a tough world for husbands.Recently, I was at a friend’s house. I met husband and wife having a heated argument. I almost turned back to allow them sort themselves out but the level I met them necessitated my intervention. If I had left, there was a great likelihood that it could degenerate to fisticuffs.  Wetin happen? The long and short of it was that the man of the house was speaking to his daughter to study well for the forthcoming JAMB exam and the wife said “you are now advising Tinuke to pass JAMB. When we asked you for money to buy the JAMB form, you nearly brought the roof down. Now you are talking as if you have any moral right to talk JAMB” My friend was angry. He felt his wife was rubbing it in because he had no cash to pay for the form when it was out. One matter led to the other and … you know women now… she went on to say my friend is not the only one paying the school fees. As he is paying, she too is paying. It was too much for my friend. His ego was bruised!

What should I have done at this time? What is your advice to this couple?


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