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Summer Giveaway Three – And The Winner Is…

sl win Collage

SL Fabz, you are all so fabulous. For all those who picked the green dress, you are right but you know we had to randomly pick a winner. And the lucky winner of the blue butterfly maknisy bag goes to.. ((drum roll)) –> Candy Rex from Calabar. Here was her response: 

Good day Steph.
All four dresses are lovely, but I think you’ll want to rock it with the green dress.
1. The 1st dress(black) is beautiful and will definitely go with anything but it might not really get the ‘wow effect’.
2. The 2nd dress is a print material; a print dress with a print bag, with different designs and colours is a No-No (smh)
3. The 4th (orange) dress is equally nice but isn’t the ideal choice for a multi coloured bag despite the brown band on it.I think its too bright for the multi coloured bag.
…The 3rd (GREEN) dress is definitely going to be your choice because the bag compliments the dress, and that dress will fit perfectly in the right places. With this combination you’ll definitely make heads turn because its got the ‘wow factor’. So, yes its the green dress all the way.
Common Steph, an ardent fan and follower of this blog deserves to win something for once. So please, be nice and extend your generosity to me, give me the opportunity to rock this one and make you proud!

Congratulations Candy, you got it. Don’t forget to take pics of you rocking the bag when you receive it  and send to so we can put it up.

Stay tuned next week for Summer Giveaway 4 of 5…



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