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Summer Getaway Ideas

I am all about the summer right now. It’s time to have fun and catch the cool breeze and enjoy the hot sun God gave us :-). One does not have to travel out of the country to enjoy luxury or to have a peaceful and fun summer but in reality, we have lots and lots of exotic places in our beloved Naija to chill with your partner, leisure or business.  Here are a few to choose from:
LA CAMPAGNE TROPICANA: You wouldn’t believe this beauty is situated just a few minutes drive outside Lagos in a place called Epe.
It’s a beautiful beach resort, with fun amenities, good food and games. My favourite part? It is a very serene environment. Everything is so natural and cool. What’s more fun is that you don’t have to break a bank to spend a fabulous and memorable weekend at this resort with your loved one.
La Campagne Tropicana
OBUDU MOUNTAIN RESORT: Apart  from the seven hour drive from Calabar to Obudu itself, which can be a bit tiring (totally worth it by the way), Obudu mountain resort is one of the biggest pride of Nigerian tourism. There are personal cabins to choose from, clean and big swimming pools, drop dead gorgeous views (I mean they will take your breath away), amusement parks for the kids, everybody in the family is entertained. For those naughty couples that want to fulfill their fantasies…. here you go-> right in front of the waterfall, this is the place for you. (if they catch you, no be me talk am o!) 
BADAGRY BEACH: For my workaholic fans that don’t have the time to relax this summer, a trip to the beach on a cool Sunday shouldn’t put a dent on your schedule. (I don’t mean those noisy beaches where there are about 1,001 bars o!! ); a road trip to Badagry beach shouldn’t put much dent on your purse either.
I wish I could show you all, but it seems endless, all these are some of the perfect spots for a girls vaca~getaway or a place for the whole fam…. or better-still propose to your wife all over again. It’s summer time, so rock on!



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