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Stephanie’s Poll: Who Should Make The First Call?

Imagine this scenario:

A beautiful lady meets a handsome man somewhere. They have a great conversation and the chemistry in between them even at that first meeting is undeniable. They both have a good and comfortable time in each other’s company and feel their first meeting is the start of a wonderful union.

After spending about an hour together, they reluctantly part ways, but not before exchanging numbers. Now note, emphasis on ‘exchange’. Lady has guy’s number and guy has lady’s number.

One day, two days, four days, one week, two weeks pass after their meeting and… no phone call. Lady has been waiting patiently by her phone, with her heart in her mouth every time her phone rings, hoping its him. But he never calls….

If you were the lady, would you call him? In such a situation, who should make the first call?


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