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Stephanie’s Poll: Money vs Time

We can’t deny the fact that for every marriage to pass the test of time, comfort which comes from having good finances and quality time are both important. The question for today is, which one is most important to you?

Let’s examine both scenarios:

Without having enough money to cater for one’s needs, it puts a strain on marriages. These days women are not comfortable when they have to rely on their husbands for every financial responsibility.

On the other hand, a couple who do not spend enough quality time together as a result of very busy work schedules often have a big gap in their relationship. It gets even worse when children are involved. When children don’t spend enough time with their mother because she is too busy with work, there could be grave consequences.

As a man, would you prefer to have a wife who earns a lot of money and spends less time at home with the family or would you prefer a wife who has all the time in the world for the family and earns very little or nothing?

Let’s be realistic SL Fabz. I’d love to hear from you.


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