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Stephanie’s Poll: Language vs Music

Hey Lovelies,

I was listening to the radio yesterday when I heard this interesting question which I’d like us to discuss today.

If God offered you super powers to do just one of these two, what would it be:

Speak every language in the world or Play every musical instrument in the world?

It’s a tough one for me because both are very relevant.

Language helps you connect with people in different societies across the world. Language can literally break barriers and help you achieve more with your social connections. Music is also very refreshing for the soul. For instance, I love love listening to Jazz music, especially the instrumentals. It relaxes me and makes me smile. I also have it on sometimes when I’m working and it keeps me alert and helps my creativity.

So for me, I think I’d go with the musical instruments.

How about you? What’s your choice?

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