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Stephanie Magazine Contest – Our Verdict!

Out of the 10 contestants, only six sent in their cover magazine designs of the picture sent to them.

The six are (in order of placements – top left to bottom right):

  1. Iroro Gbenedio
  2. Tunji Ceasar Multimedia
  3. Ezekiel/Damielara
  4. StephAn
  5. Unyoaba etu
  6. Leslie Williams

Here’s the verdict from Stephanie Daily…

1. Iroro Gbenedio:

Iroro’s work is quite interesting. She plays with a lot of edgy colour tones; and it seemed he/she had a lot fun designing this cover. However, the fonts are very unflattering and they are placed in awkward positions that make it less than appealing.

2. Tunji Ceasar Multimedia:

Tunji colours are beautiful. We love the fonts and his arrangement of the blurbs is decent. He was able to achieve a proper lifestyle format which earns him very good marks from us. We like the different sizes of fonts which he plays around with.

3. Ezekiel/Damielara:

The black and white shade with colour lipsticks is quite intriguing; it shows a playful side which works for lifestyle magazine. But the fonts chosen and style of arrangement doesn’t exert same playfulness. The title is boxed with an outline that does very little to the overall work.

4. StephAn

We like this – a lot! StephAn shows impressive ingenuity with this work. Although it seems the blurbs are sinking and getting lost inside the fabric, but it is still a unique work and commendable. The placement of fire red on black and white picture gives such a radiant glow to the overall art.

5. Unyoaba Etu:

We can see that Etu likes boxing his blurbs which isn’t such a bad idea but it gives the work a very curt look. We love his own shade of the picture and the title comes in a good design. However, the boxes and spaces in-between would take a lot of the attention form the picture that it needs.

6. Leslie Williams:

Leslie’s work is pleasantly shocking. We weren’t expecting an artiste that would re-create the picture but she/he did that and gave it her/his own touch. For a comic book or some other specified work, this would be brilliant, but for a lifestyle magazine which relies on fashion, trends, beauty etc, it will be a hard-sell in that genre. He/she also needs to check her spellings.

That’s the verdict from my team. Now is time for you to pick your Top 3 winners! Your pick carries 30% of our final verdict so please pick wisely. The comment section is opened till Wednesday (November 14) by 12pm.

Pick your Top 3 designs now!


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