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So Glad The Missing Orekoya Children Have Been Found!

I’ve just heard that the story has been confirmed! The missing Orekoya children have been found and reunited with their family.

Channels TV reports that: the kidnappers, faced by immense pressure the incident had generated abandoned the children in Shasha area of Lagos State, Nigeria’s south-west region.

Aderomola (11 months old), Adedamola (4 years old), and Demola (6 years old), were kidnapped by a nanny while their parents were away. The shocking part of this story is that this happened the same day she started working in their home.

It’s very heart warming to hear this news and this puts a smile on my face. Finally, the family’s ordeal is over and these innocent kids have been reunited with their parents and loved ones.

This is great news! And I thank God for their safe return.


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