Skin Positivity, Not Skin Perfection

I’ve had many women talk to me about their insecurities when it comes to their skin – from dealing with issues like acne or blemishes to not feeling confident about their skin color, the list is endless. It seems that now, more than ever, women are being forced to conform to certain standards the society has labeled as norms even though they are far from our realities. 

This is what I think: the criteria for “good skin” and “bad skin” is purely subjective and doesn’t align with everyone else’s criteria all the time. And that’s OK! Girl…. breathe! 

From skin to hair, and in general our identity, women need to encourage others to fully embrace themselves without judgment. Skin perfection is not attainable, but skin positivity is. Be positive about your skin at whatever place you find yourself. In order to overcome stereotypes about skin issues, we must start with our own mindset. My skin is a work in progress just like I am. As we go through life, our skin changes. It’s a journey. 

So I encourage you to be kind to yourself. Take a moment to embrace the skin you’re in. Say to yourself: “You’re doing great”….light or dark-skinned, acne or no acne. You are beautiful.


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