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Should I share my secret with him?

Hey people! The last few weeks have been tough due to the Aluu4 issue. That event broke me to pieces, and I am glad some of the perpetrators of the hideous act have been caught. We will get justice for those young men (Amen!). So I am back to normal blogging now! Thanks for all the emails you sent! Below is the regular Talk-to-Steph. Let’s give some advice to Nina.

Dear Stephanie,

I am about getting married to my fiancé in a few months. I am so thankful to have met a man as caring as he is. We’ve dated for 18 months and he proposed last month, everything is set as we countdown to our big day in March 2013. The issue now is…I had dated his father a long time ago when I was a student in University. He was a randy man and used to come to the campus with some of his friends, and with the help of some popular male students, they’d organise girls for him. That was how I met him. I partied with him and his friends for like 6 months before I got pregnant but I got an abortion, and that was when I decided to stop seeing him. I missed the money that came with being his lay but I was proud of my decision. Many years later, I now work in a reputable firm, make my own money and I am a strong believer of God. I have a wonderful relationship with my man and it was whilst we were dating that I realised who his father was. The father is late now, but I’d seen his pictures on my fiancé’s phone and looked through the family album with my soon-to-be mother-in-law and was able to recognise him. The shock almost killed me! Deep down I feel so much guilt; but the man is no longer alive. Do I need to tell my fiancé anything about what I had with his father when I was young and foolish? – Nina


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