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Should I date him?

Hello SL Fabz! Here is Victoria and she needs your help. Do read and tell us what you think she should do…


Hello Stephie, I’d like to read the suggestions of SL fabz on this issue:

After graduating five years ago, I only just got a job last year. It was a tedious wait as I come from a family of six children and I am the second child. My income is something the whole family has been waiting for to help in family needs and spending.

The job is a good one and affords me the opportunity to travel to many African countries.

Three months ago, my boss asked me out. He said he’d like to date me, but he is a married man; and when I brought that up he said his marriage is a very unfulfilling one, and he is tired of it.

I told him, “no, I can’t date you.” And ever since then he has made my work very redundant in the office; he gives all the major work to my subordinate and has cancelled all my business trips for the year. Last week he asked my assistant to attend a very important meeting with him, which I was supposed to attend.

Now I just sit in the office and I am largely ignored by him and giving no kind of fulfilling work.

I fear he is warming up to sack me.

Please what should I do? I don’t want to date him, but I don’t want to lose my job.


– Victoria

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