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Should A Man Cook & Clean When He Has A Wife?

Growing up in a typical African home, I learnt that some chores are meant for the girls and women while others are meant for the men.

But as I grew older, I began to notice a reversal of roles. Some call it western influence, some call it development, while others would call it pure madness.

We find in some homes these days that the woman is the bread winner. In others, men help their wives out in the kitchen to wash and clean. Lots of women are great drivers; while lots of men are excellent cooks and hairdressers… I could go on and on about different things men and women weren’t doing before, but do now.

However, today, I’d like us to focus on the kitchen and domestic work. Is it ‘proper’ for a man to do the dishes and cook at home regularly? Remember, the emphasis is on regularly, I don’t mean just helping his wife out once in a while. If a man loves to cook and clean, should he stop doing it simply because he is married and now has a wife?

Let’s discuss!

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