Monday Matters

Remind Yourself Of These Everyday

Life is a blessing worth appreciating every day. In a world full of chaos, anxiety and stress, it is rather easy to be negative and burdened with our life. However, on this 14th day of March, I’d like us to stay positive and reflect on 14 things worth reminding ourselves about everyday.

There’s always a way out, you just have to find it
What other people think is irrelevant
Your life is your design
The important people in your life deserve both respect and attention
Count your blessings, not your troubles
Whatever makes you cry today can make you laugh tomorrow
Positivity is a choice you can make
If you carry the bricks of your past with you, you will build the same house
Success is a lifestyle, not a result
Not getting what you want, sometimes, is the best thing that could happen
True love is rare, don’t take it for granted
Good things in life end too soon when they aren’t appreciated
Nothing wastes more energy than worrying
When things least seem like they are going to change, that is usually when they do

 It’s a great day. Make the best of it!

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