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Re: Make Me Fabulous!

Your comments opened our eyes to the reality of what many people are going through in their relationship! I just have a few things to say concerning some of the comments we got…

Judith Okafor – I am not sure why you would stay with a man who tells you that you are not beautiful! Your spouse should be the one person that truly sees deep into your soul and appreciates you for who you are! It is very sad that you have to hear your partner say that to you! So sad!

Unachi: If your girlfriend is dating her boss, why is she flipping over the fact that you flirt with girls on facebook? Both of you might need to re-evaluate your relationship so you get the best from it.

Omolara Obafemi: please do not say your marriage is on the verge of breaking down just because your husband is super-busy at the moment. He is probably spending all this time so he can provide the necessary financial security for his family. Give him the support he needs, and continue to pray for God’s grace upon your marriage, and the strength to get by.

Sopsunky: you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your man. He is supposed to be the primary giver of the home, so it is inappropriate for him to leave those responsibilities for you to take care of, especially as it concerns the children. If he doesn’t respond favourably, you might need the assistance of family members or clerics that he respects to intervene. All the best!

Sharon Adjoa Amnanda: if your boyfriend wants to end the relationship based on the reasons given, then please move on and away from it! It would be different if he was willing to “fight” for you, against the wishes of his parents. But since he is on their side, isn’t it wise for you to move on so you don’t get burned-out eventually?

Dafe Best: in love, the key word is – “us” not “me”. So when you say your fiancée doesn’t do things the way YOU want, it sounds a bit selfish. Find out why she is always sticking to her ways, try to empathise with her and work it out knowing she has a strong personality.

Shallyaaa: you might need to show your boyfriend how to “shower you with gifts” by doing exactly what you want for him. Let us assume he isn’t aware that romance comes with buying your loved one special gifts; the best way to teach him is to practice what you want him to learn. Buy him a nice cologne, handkerchiefs, a nice shirt…after a while he will reciprocate the gesture.

Courage: wow! Your husband sure has guts. I think at this stage you might need to get someone he respects to talk to him. And if you think you need to improve on the things he likes, please do. But I think it is wrong for him to blatantly address you like that – making it look as if cheating on you is a lesser sin.

Owen: as much as the make-me-fabulous date will be good for your man, his self-confidence is something he has to decide to build regardless of how he looks or his financial status.

Wumi: when partners act as if they are in a competition, it is the fastest way to kill romance! You should have a chat with him and address this issue. All the best!

Phew! I hope we have helped some of you with our advice; beyond the make-me-fabulous treat, we want you to be happy in your relationship!

If you have anything to add to what has been said, please leave a comment and save someone’s relationship today!

We shall reveal the short-list of those we have considered for the treat shortly (PLEASE NOTE IT IS A DIFFERENT LIST FROM THE PEOPLE WE ADVISED HERE!). Remember that eventually only ONE person (and his/her partner) will go for this special Make-Me-Fabulous experience!

Till then, keep your fingers crossed.

Love ya




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