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My parents do not love me!

Dear Stephanie,

For as long as I can remember, my mother favours my sister above me. I am two years older and I have never had a close relationship with my sister because my mother treats her special as if she is made of gold, and I of bronze! My sister excelled better in school because she was never made to do domestic chores like me. I would sweep, clean and wash while my mother would send my sister on fancy errands. This has affected me throughout my life and even pushed me to ask my father if I was really their daughter. My sister runs a good business and also got married last month and my mother would not stop singing her praise and making me feel worthless. Nothing seems to work out for me and it is driving me deep into depression. I am 31 and I am just tired of living! – Amaka


Hey Amaka, I trust that, in one way or another, the comments that will come in will help you through this phase in your life. My people, let’s give Amaka some good advice. Your comments are appreciated!


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