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Monday Look: Move From Simple To Glam

Hey SL Fabz,

I hope you had a fab weekend.

It’s a fresh new week in a fresh new month and time to step out to achieve your dreams. Mondays are usually associated with work, appointment, meetings… and the dress code for most people is formal. But formal doesn’t have to be boring, does it? There are several ways you can accessorize a plain outfit to make it pop.

I’m gonna take inspiration from one of my recent looks for this.

1. Statement Neck Piece: Place a bit of gold, silver or some costume jewelry on a plain outfit and see the dramatic outcome.

monday look 1

2. Belt: The right kind of belt can make any dress pop. Belts are also great in showing your great figure or hiding a large waist line.

monday look 2

3. Watches & Bracelets: Don’t forget the hands! On Mondays, we might be in such a hurry to get dressed and meet that appointment, but don’t forget that a little bling on your hands will make a good impression when you reach out for a handshake.

monday look 4

4. Shoes: They might be at the bottom of your outfit, but they play such a huge role in your entire look. The right kind of shoes can literally turn heads. Wearing appropriate shoes also affects the way you walk so although you might opt for heels, make sure its something comfortable that you can walk in or wear for a long time.

monday look 3

Here’s how I put my look together. What do you think? What else can you use to accessorize your outfit for that special Monday look? And please tell me, what colour of bag would go well with this outfit?


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