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#MakeMeFabulous: How to renew your love

My reality show debuted last week. If you loved the Asolo edition, you shouldn’t miss this week’s edition for anything! You are going to see how important it is to cherish the love you’ve got.

We get busy, that’s a given. We get busy with work and distracted by so many needs and ambition.

And that is ok. But we need to create the balance, because there are people in your life who deserve your attention.

Your spouse is one, and your children.

So how busy is too busy?

Love that ignites the whole family and seeps into the heart and attitude of the children would first begin with the couple who decided to come together to live and grow a family in the first place.

Are you taking our spouses for granted?

Maybe not intentionally, but we get so busy we forget to see what is in front of us. Soon our love starts to suffer and all kinds of challenges begin to show.

One thing is important: take out time from your daily hustle every other week to spend time together. Find somewhere you can sit, eat and stare into each other’s eyes.

No, it is not an ‘oyinbo concept’. Black couples too deserve romance.

That’s the essence of #MakeMeFabulous; that’s the gospel I am preaching this morning.

So tell me, what have you done for your spouse/partner/lover lately?

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