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#MakeMeFabulous: Building Families…Happy Homes

Family is the most important unit of living. A lot of angry, bitter, sociopathic people started their road to destruction from the home. This also applies to happy, kind, godly people.

Our personalities are first formed from our homes. That is why it is important to ensure the home is made to be a place where love can foster, where kindness is nurtured. That is the only way we can begin to build happy parents and confident children.

A violent, unsettled home would most likely breed its kind- children who are disturbed, unfulfilled, and destructive.

Think of one person you know that lives on the imbalance of rage and tension; his/her issues would most likely have started from the home, with parent who were not available to train him/her; guardians who were unnecessarily harsh; maids who were abusive etc.


The consequences of that is the delinquent you see…or just the imbalanced individual you work with.

It all starts from family.

So I thought to myself, the best reality show Nigerians need is one that focuses on the family- the love unit.

Man and woman fall in love; promise to love each other for the rest of their lives, take the vow, build promises and dreams together; get married…

What then happens when they get into marriage? Why should the tempest of joy die so soon and leave one half of the unit feeling lost, unhappy and discontent?

That is where #MakeMeFabulous comes in. I want to connect the man to the woman and vice versa. Remember who you fell in love with. Create the right atmosphere for love to grow. And bring back the beauty of your home…let it shine through when you sit together and talk about the future.

The hustle of life is stealing the joy of the home.

But we can get it back. #MakeMeFabulous is all about putting back that spark in your marriage. So you can build a happy home, with children who- through the examples of the parents- in turn will build a better society.

It’s a cycle.

I’m glad to be doing this.

So let’s make it a date on our TV screens on Sunday, May 24, at 7pm on DSTV’s Africa Magic Showcase, Channel 151.

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