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Make Me Fabulous – Second Winner!

Becky Ben Elu 2

The joy that comes from giving couples a great time to spend with each other is one important thing that makes me and the entire Make Me Fabulous team fulfilled again and again.

For the past week, we’ve been shooting a reality TV series called Make Me Fabulous where we take couples away from the hectic demands of work for just one day and give them a special treat. The lucky woman would be treated to some hair, beauty and style transformation that is sure to get her husband or fiance excited. They would also have a lovely date and win some Fabulous prizes.

Becky Elu and her husband Mike Elu are the second winners of this series. Yesterday, we picked them up from their home in style, took them out for shopping and gave the woman a style transformation. By the time the stylists were done with her, she looked very different and more glamorous than the woman you see in the picture above.

Oops! I think I’m telling too much. More about the details of their day out and Becky’s fabulous final look would be revealed soon. But for today, I want to tell other couples out there that they can still be a part of this!

To win, in not more than 50 words, tell us the challenges you are facing in your relationship and why you deserve this Make-Me-Fabulous treat from us. Both guys and ladies can send in their entries.

Let us remind you how beautiful love should be!

VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to include your location and phone number so we can contact you if you’re shortlisted.

Have a great weekend!



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