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Make Me Fabulous Season 2 Is Here! Register NOW

Hey SL Fabz,

I have some exciting news for married couples. Make Me Fabulous Season 2 is here!!!

Yes, that Reality TV show that gives lucky couples a chance to have a fabulous treat is now accepting entries from interested couples for Season 2.

For Season 2, we will be giving another set of 13 couples a chance to bond in their marriage with this Fabulous Treat. The fun, treats and surprises will be bigger and better… Trust me!

Do you desire to have this intimate time with your spouse or do you know anyone who does?

Send us the answers to the information below to

1. Your name and your spouse’s name

2. Phone number, email and city

3. Dress size, shoes size, shirt size, trouser size

4. Year of Marriage

5. How long have you been married?

6. What are the major challenges in your love life as couple?

7. Why should we Make You Fabulous?

8. What are your favourite colours?

9. Send a picture of you and your spouse.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Register now!

Send the information to with the subject ‘Make Me Fabulous’ and you just might be called up for this lucky treat.

Kindly note that entries are only open to married couples.

Good luck!


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