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Love In The Banking Hall

Love In The Banking Hall

Who said Nigerian men are not romantic?

Everytime I hear some ladies complain about the unromantic nature of most Nigerian men, I thank God I found someone who is not like that *wink*

My hubby is every bit as romantic as I could possibly wish for. But then, I just found another romantic Nigerian man. Guess where? On YouTube!

Here’s the story:

To express his love for his lovely wife and to celebrate their wedding anniversary Mr. Bamidele Aremu reached out to Dubie to help carry out this well planned ‘surprise’.

Dubie the former leader of the group, – “The Pulse” and now Solo Artiste, renders a heart warming version of “John Legend’s – All Of Me” to a very shocked and pleased Mrs. Yetunde Aremu at her office and serenaded the blushing and extra happy wife in front of all her colleagues.

She’ll definitely be smiling for days after this.

Romance is not dead guys… It’s well and alive, even in Nigeria.

I watched the video and I just went “Awwww”. I haven’t stopped smiling since then.

Check on it and let me know what you think:

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