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Let’s Talk About It! How Do You Tell Someone He/She Has Bad Breath?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable around someone because he or she has bad breath? It becomes even more uncomfortable when you have to be around that person often or if he/she is an elderly person or your boss. You might just have to endure a very uncomfortable conversation…. eewww.

Really, bad breath is a very serious problem that can affect one’s self esteem and limit one’s opportunities. It must be very disturbing when people don’t want to be around you or won’t give you opportunities because of your breath. However, as it is with most problems, it’s easier to find a solution when you actually know what the problem is. What happens in situations when you don’t know?

I recently came across the quick DIY test for bad breath. Check it out:

Look at your tongue in the mirror. If it is pretty and pink, no problem: Your breath is likely good to go. However, if it is yellow or white you likely need a good tongue cleaning to get rid of your bad breath. Get a plastic tongue scraper and use it every morning before you brush.

Another quick trick that should only be done in the privacy of your own home. Lick the back of your hand and let it evaporate. If your breath is bad, you will likely be able to smell it on your hand. Alternatively, breathe into a small brown paper bag, and do a sniff test. Then, please, throw the bag away.

The causes of bad breath are generally either oral-related or digestive lining-related. If the source of bad breath is the oral cavity, food residue—and the resultant bacteria—may be to blame. Food residue can build up in gum pockets, in between teeth and under restorations, within tongue projections or papillae, which all can lead to unpleasant breath. Chronic bad breath can also be a warning sign for gum disease.

To neutralize bad breath in a pinch, chew on parsley, avocado, fennel seeds or peppermint leaves, or place a slice of cucumber on your palate for a minute. You can also try chewing gums and mints. Look for ones made with xylitol, not sugar (which some oral bacteria feed on). And if you’re on the go without a mint or mouthwash, swish water around your mouth for 30 seconds.

*These are just quick solutions. For long lasting solutions, please see a doctor.

So SL Fabz, let’s discuss. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable talking to someone cos of his/her bad breath? How would you tell someone he/she has bad breath? Would you try to advice the person or just walk away?


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