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Let Go Of Worry

Let Go Of Worry

Are you one of those people who often catch yourself worrying?

If yes, you’re most certainly not alone in that. I used to find myself doing that a lot. It seems like you are actually doing something, even when you are just making yourself miserable. I want to tell you there is a better way than worrying.

No matter how much we worry, it never really helps. And, as we look deeper at what worrying actually is – a set-up for failure, a negative attractor, and a denial or avoidance of feeling our true feelings – we see that it can have a damaging impact on our lives, our work, and our relationships. When we worry, we’re simply preparing to be upset or angry, assuming something won’t work out in the future.

I just felt like encouraging us with these words today “Let Go Of Your Worries”. I wish you the very best as you step out this day.

May your dreams come true!



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