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It’s Time To Make A Fresh Start! 3 Tips to Achieving Your Goals This Year


Happy 2014!

With every New Year comes New Year’s resolutions…whether it’s losing some weight, starting a new career, or finally reaching a certain milestone. January means a new beginning and a chance to get it right.

As 2014 kicks off in full swing, I’d like to share with you these few tips to help you stay on track with your resolutions (so they don’t fall by the wayside when February hits).

Concentration: Ditch distractions and multi-tasking. Embrace mindfulness and single-tasking. By being fully present, you can channel your resources towards a singular purpose. By single tasking, you eliminate the switching costs in terms of time and energy that result from multi-tasking. 

Clarity: Be clear with your purpose with yourself and others. Yes, your purpose can change. Then make your new direction clear for others. Clarity enables others to help you.

Consistency: Build good habits and eliminate bad ones. If you want change, then you need to fuel the habits that get you there and remove the ones that hold you back.

So, what’s your new year resolution? What steps are you taking to achieve them?

Let’s make 2014 an awesome year!




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