I congratulate the Nigerian people on the just concluded Presidential Elections. Through the peaceful conduct of the elections, Nigerians have exercised their sovereign right to elect their own leaders, thereby strengthening the frontiers of democracy.

This could not have been possible without an enabling political ground for a free and fair elections which was provided by President Goodluck Jonathan whose mark of courage I salute.

I also hereby congratulate the President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory in the polls .

Instead of inciting violence, both parties to a large extent, have embraced peace. Instead of wearing arms, we are shaking hands and chanting songs of peace and freedom.

The true victors are indeed, the Nigerian people. In many clear ways, Nigerians have realized their rights and the power of their votes. It is therefore now time for us to demand accountability from our leaders, to hold them responsible for their actions at all times.

This indeed is the true spirit of democracy. The spirit of “Naija.”

God bless Nigeria.

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