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Is the grass greener on the other side?

Not likely.

If you are going to enjoy life’s journey…if you are going to birth phenomenal ideas and pursue greater goals, you must understand that comparing or equating yourself to others will not only leave you depressed and unfulfilled, it will drive all of your dreams to nought. You are on this race alone. Yes, there are people and there are competitions; they all have their place! Your job is not to compare your neighbour’s car or house or wardrobe to yours; your job is to get your own life on the right track and live out your own purpose. Focus on what’s important. Half the time we worry and emphasize the insignificant whilst we leave the crucial areas of our lives unattended to.

The grass is green where you are; if you want it greener then you have to water it. You can get your grass green, and you can get it to wilt.

It’s all in your power.

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