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Is it ok for a lady to make the first move?

Hello Stephie,

There’s something I need to find out: is it right for a woman to make the first move and ask a man out for a love relationship, especially in a society like Nigeria? There’s a man that I like so much, thinking of him makes my heart leap! The first time we met was at a business seminar, I sponsored myself to that conference but he was sponsored by the company he works for. We were paired many times during the workshops and we talked a bit about various things. I find him breath-taking! I am very single but he is in a relationship (not engaged, just a regular relationship). Now we see as regularly as our work can allow us and we catch up for drinks and movies; but I want to be more than a friend. He isn’t making any romantic gestures towards me, and all the advances I make he does not seem to notice. What do I do – kill my hopes of ever having him OR go all out and ask him out?  And if I have to ask him out, how do I do it? Do I just come out and say it? I have a feeling we will be great together! Please tell me what to do because if he says No, I don’t think I’ll be able to cope! – Patricia


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