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International Day Of The Girl Child: The Essence of a Girl Child

Today October 11th is the International Day Of The Girl Child. Since 2012, the United Nations marks 11 October as the ‘International Day of the Girl Child’. The day promotes girls’ human rights, highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys and addresses the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the world.

As we mark this day across the world, I’d like us to take some time to reflect on the true essence of a girl child.

A girl child is not a weaker sex, neither is she a commodity to be traded

She is neither subject to a man, nor a second fiddle to the male gender

She is a being that must be respected and a royalty that must be adored

She is a jewel that must be treasured, and a bride that must be groomed

She is a genius that must be nurtured and a global bird that must be freed from the cultural cage and given the wings to fly

She is a girl child and her peace lies in the peace of the world.

Let’s also take this day to reflect on the missing Chibok girls. I still believe in my heart that these girls would be found and returned to their families. We must not relent in our prayers for them.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child.


Photo Credit: UNICEF


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