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The first time I read Eko Dialogue I knew I had to meet the author. Joy Isi Bewaji is an amazing writer, very witty and smart with words. Eko Dialogue is one of those pert books that gives you a real connection with Eko (Lagos). Joy explores the many voices that boom through this lovable but chaotic environment. When you read it, you can hear and smell Lagos through her detailed description of the metropolis. She’s the content manager/editor of my fabulous blog (heehee!) and we have a great working relationship and have been friends for a couple of years now.

Eko Dialogue is a collection of short stories, and the shortest story(actually an anecdote) threw me off my chair!

It is titled “Frustration-in-law”:

A father-in-law’s list of requirements to his son-in-law to be…

3 bags of rice. 3 bags of salt. 2 healthy cows. 1 pigeon. 5 white cowries. One feather from the bum of a penguin. An elephant trunk. The tail of a zebra. A fang of a crocodile. A scoop of sand from the river bank of Mississippi. A box of assorted lace material. One needle. 6 gallons of palm oil. One crab. One tortoise. A box of chocolate. A drum of diesel. 50 litres of kerosene. N5,000 MTN voucher. Educational funding for two of wife-to-be’s younger siblings. Five hundred thousand naira dowry. And a strand of pubic hair (yours please!)

LOOOOOOOL!!! She’s working on her next book. I can’t wait!

– Stephanie


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