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The Help! When I walked out of the Cinema many months back after stealing a few hours out of my crazy schedule to watch the movie, I felt light; mostly because of the emotional story told so articulately through powerful characters. When it isn’t hitting hard blows on a society that should be ashamed of its past discriminations, The Help is cheeky and humorous. Of course, Octavia Spencer stands out with her impressive performance; the height of which was feeding her former boss with pie spiced with poop (Good Heavens! LOL!). She was favoured as the best in the category of best supporting role, and took home the Oscar this year. The Help is the story of African-American maids and the hardship they went through serving their white Madams. In all of this, an aspiring young author decides to write their story. It is an easy picture with a lot of brilliant scenes and accurate dialogue.

And if you can, read the book too! *wink!


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