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Hi SL Fabz!

I’m in the mood for some beauty talk so let’s talk about lip colours today.

Lip balms, lip glosses and lip sticks are a staple in my beauty routine as I’m sure they will be for you too. Quite often I’ll be carrying around different lip colours in my handbag, at the moment I absolutely love red!

There’s something about red lipstick that can instantly make you feel a little more glamorous and sexy. But pulling off red lipstick isn’t always easy. Its bold look can often make you feel self-conscious. The trick to wearing red lipstick confidently is to pair it with other makeup that allows the rich color to shine.

Keep your eye shadow simple and use a liner to keep the color from bleeding past the edge of your lips. Don’t choose a red lip liner, though if it doesn’t match your lipstick exactly, you’ll wind up with obvious two-tone lips. Instead, use a lip liner in a nude color that’s close to the shade of your natural lips and blend it in lightly before applying your red lipstick with a small brush.

Are you a fan of red lipstick? If not, what is your favourite lip colour?




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