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I Wish You A Very Merry Christmas 🎄

It’s Christmas day!!

There is joy is in the air and we have so much to celebrate. 

On behalf of my family, I pray that the joy of Christmas will shine brightly and reflect hope and good wishes into your lives.

This poem below sums up all I have to say to you today and I pray that the joy of the season will not cease in your homes this day and forever more 🎅


The greatest gift to all mankind
Came to put our past behind
To take away our shame and sin
To reconcile us to the father through him

This is a reminder of God’s infinite love
This is indeed true love
His kindness is immeasurable
Sent his son to us to make us able

Took away the sin which is a disease
Hunting the inner man with ease
Now the inner man is free
Yet Christ paid the fee

Show love to others was what he said
Living this out was what he simply did
The perfect example we follow
The reason of my tomorrow

The word became flesh indeed
Left heaven just for our need
The need for the salvation of our soul
In Christ we are made whole

We celebrate his birth but better is his coming
For God is good and ever loving
For he has called you as his own
So he will never leave you alone.

Merry Christmas

Photo Credit: Motherhood In-Style Magazine

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